The 10 wardrobe essentials every pear woman should have necklace

Wearing light or bright tops is crucial for pear shapes. This is why you should always buy tops and short jackets in light or bright colors, especially the ones that make up your capsule wardrobe. At least choose the top some shades lighter than your skirt or trousers. Add interest with a chunky necklace and voila!

Not every woman has the same body, so not every woman should have the same basics in her wardrobe. Take into account your personal colors and your body type to know what colors and styles suit you best.

With a pear figure, one of your best assets is you slim midriff, which many women envy you for. Make sure to show off your killer waist and balance your wider lower half. These basic items should be the foundation of a great wardrobe. They are go-to pieces you can combine with most of the other items you already have or still plan to shop.

10 wardrobe essentials for pear shaped women

  1. Bright scarf that goes with most colors in your wardrobe
  2. A-line skirt in a dark color
  3. Form-fitting blouse with ruffles in a light or bright color
  4. Long A-line coat that ends below the widest parts of the hips
  5. Classic or open toe pumps in nude
  6. Short fitted jacket with a puffed sleeve that ends at the waist in a light or bright color
  7. Empire-line dress that flares out with details around the bust
  8. Form-fitting shirt with a boat neck and big sleeves in a light or bright color
  9. Boot-cut stretch jeans in dark denim
  10. Figure-hugging off-the-shoulder top in a light or bright color
10 wardrobe essentials for pear shaped women

Draw the attention up with a colorful scarf.


Not sure about your body type?

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What light or dark colors should you wear as a pear shaped woman?

You should wear light or bright colors on your upper body and darker colors on your lower body. This does not mean you should wear black all the time. For some people black even does not suit them really well. To find out more, check out your color analysis.

Spring color types wear dress warm and bright perfectly. Summer types are best in cool medium tone colors. Autumn color types are beautiful in warm and muted colors. Winter types should opt for cool and dark colors.

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