Pear Shaped Body

Style advice for women with a pear shaped body. I have curvaceous hips and a narrow waist myself. Here I share my tips and tricks and all of my outfits: the good, the bad and the ones that had some room for improvement.

Double breasted jacket for a pear shaped woman

Double breasted jackets on pear shaped woman? Does that look good? […]

Gloves as accessories

I love gloves as accessories. […]

Combine crazy colors

Purple and yellow. Why not combine crazy colors? […]

Before leaving the house…

Too busy? Think twice before you leave the house. […]

How to choose the right colors for your accessories

This is how I choose the right colors for my accessories: […]

Belting a winter jacket

Today I am showing an outfit belting a winter jacket. […]

Cute outfit for a cold day

Today I combined some berry colors with brown for a cute outfit for a cold day. […]

Contrasting outfit

Black and white is a contrasting outfit as well, just for most people, it is too much contrast. For me it is as well. […]

How to make your trousers longer easily

Want to make your legs look longer? Make your trousers longer. […]

Skirt and boots for longer legs

What is great about this look is that the combination of skirt and boots make my legs look longer. […]