Hourglass Shaped

Rainforest blouse for a stylish everyday outfit

One of the things I love this season are the busy rainforest blouses. I was shopping a month ago and end up buying this rainforest blouse which I totally love.

Rainforest blouse to catch the eye
The rainforest blouse can be basically worn in many styles and can fit an hourglass perfectly, depending of course on how […]

Cute mustache sweater, totally guilty!

The sudden weather change had me totally stressed out, from warm to cold not exactly what I was hoping for. However, I finally got the chance to wear my cute mustache sweater 🙂

Looking at this outfit, I know that most clothing pieces aren’t perfect for my body figure, but at least they kept me warm. […]

Flannel blouse for your hourglass body figure

This look is let’s say has not 100% hourglass friendly, however it does have a lot of flattering points to it and it consist of my favorite flannel blouse.  Anyways let me explain to you why I went for this look.


A hourglass figure, can’t go without high waist pants!

So the first thing you notice is […]

Funky wide blue pants to add to your hourglass wardrobe.

Today I can finally say the weather in Germany is improving.  The sun is shining and I decided to go to the famous “Strandbar” in Worms.  A couple of days ago I bought these awesome funky wide blue pants. So yeah as you know the choice was easy.

Add some  funky pants to your hourglass wardrobe

The […]

Flower power pants to spice up your outfit..



I am a student and as a student you get to travel a lot, well at least with my studies (International Business and Languages) I can. So let me tell you about my perfect flower power pants that helped me travel in style 🙂

Flower power pants to spice up your hourglass choice..

These pictures were taken […]

Shorty shorts to get into the summervibe

It`s almost summertime, so start stocking up on those shorty shorts!

The pink shorts that I was wearing, are comfy and refreshing during the summertime and the color is just perfect. However,  as an hourglass I do recommend shorts with countered waistbands or high waist since they make our hourglass figure look amazing. These types of […]

Black outfit to rock as an hourglass

The color black attracts basically anyone and the reason is simple: It looks good and is slimming. However, my black outfit was based on the rock party I was heading too and yeah I wanted to try to fit in a bit.
Black outfit for an hourglass
So let’s start at the beginning; the black shirt has […]

Dress code gala for your sandy figure!

Dress code gala step 1 : Choose the right color

Today I found myself struggling with the Dress code on what to wear for this nice gala event I got invited to. The sun was shining and I didn’t feel like wearing my safe choice: A petit robe noire.  Since I’m a bit darker skinned, I know […]

High waist pants? That’s your answer!

A must-have for your hourglass figure

Whenever I struggle with which outfit I can wear to show of my perks, my answer is always: High waist pants! Why? simple; the high waist pants draw the attention to your curves and your beautifully defined waist and a plus is the long looking legs.

What to wear with High waist […]

Summer outfit, what do you need to buy?

What to wear when you have a meeting

Just one of those days, when you don’t know what to wear. The sun is at its hottest and you have an exciting meeting.  It took me 3 hours to decide how to look good and survive the heat with your summer outfit.
My Summer outfit wasn’t complete […]