10 Tips on how to buy the right suit for thin and tall men

Want to buy a suit and not sure which one suits you? You are fed up to look out of proportion in suits? Read these 10 tips on how to buy the right suit for thin and tall men to make sure you look your best. They explain how to add width to your frame […]

The 10 best shopping rules for men

These shopping rules for men cover the do’s and don’ts of shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.
 Men’s Shopping Rules
1. Find out what body shape you have! This will keep you from spending money on items that do not look good on you.

2. Use your money wisely. Spend your cash on stuff you wear a lot […]

Men’s style advice. Dress your best, guys.

Read this men’s style advice to learn more about what kind of shirt to wear and what socks to avoid.

Socks and underwear in style
Do not dress in white socks unless you wear white pants. Exception: You are doing some kind of sports.

Another sock rule:  Never ever wear socks and sandals. Never.

Sock rule number 3: Your […]