This body shape quiz will answer the question “What body type am I?” without the need to measure anything. Just fill in the questions below and find out your body type!


Find your body type with our easy body shape quiz!

Finding out your body shape is an important first step to optimize any outfit. The quiz on this page will make it easy to get your body type figured out by answering a couple of questions below.

The advantage is that you can find out your body shape directly. No need to measure yourself up!

In case you do have your measurements  you can also check out our body shape calculator. this is helpful in case want to use exact numbers to determine your body type.

But enough talk, let’s get started with the body shape quiz! The quiz itself id simple, answer the three question, click on next and you will see what body shape you are.

The result also has links to style guides for the different body shapes!

Body shape quiz


Styled 24/7 body shape quiz

Please refer to the links below to find out more about styling for your body type!

Body shape quiz what is my bodyHow does my body shape compare

First of all lets make clear that there is no “perfect” body shape. All body types are beautiful! On the other hand all body shapes have certain areas that should be emphasized to create a great and individual look. More on the styling for the body shapes can be seen in the last chapter.

So how does the result from the quiz compare to the body shapes of other women? A study comparing body shapes of 6000 women done by the North Carolina State University revealed the following distributions of body shapes:

Body shape type distribution for women

rectangle body shape 46%
hourglass body shape 8%
apple body shape 12%
pear body shape 20%
inverted triangle body shape 14%

Please note that the numbers are approximations as the body types differ significantly based on ethnicity. An interesting fact mentioned in the study is that many fashion labels still design their clothes based on a slim hourglass. As you can see in the body type distribution above this does not make it easier to find the perfect piece in your size!

Styling tips for each body shape

Body shape quiz what is my body tipsNow that you have the results from the quiz you can check our individual guides for each body shape:

Apple body type:

Pear body type:

Rectangle body type:

Body shape quiz - what is my body type dressInverted triangle body type:

Hourglass body type:


Did you like the body shape quiz? Do you have any questions? For this or a suggestion how we can better help our readers how to find your body shape please let us know in the comments below!