The body shape calculator allows you to determine your body shape. All you need to know is the measurements of your shoulder, your waist and your hips.

Using the body shape calculator


All you need for the body shape calculator is some measuring tape!

The actual calculator can be found in the box below. Please enter the values either in cm or inches. The unit of measure does not matter however please provide all values in the same unit to make sure the results are accurate.

In case you want to read some hints on how to measure yourself please refer to the chapter below the calculator.

Once you have your result you can see style tips for your body shape. The tips range from a brief overview of the dos and dont’s to our overview of wardrobe essentials for the different types.

Eager to get started? Just use the form below to calculate your body shape:


Styled 24/7 body shape calculator

Please refer to the links below to find out more about styling for your body type!

Measurements needed for the body shape calculator


Which of those types are you? The body shape calculator is just 3 measures away.

For the above body shape calculator to work you need to measure:

  • The largest diameter on your shoulder level.
  • The widest point of your hips.
  • Finally the smallest part of your waist.

For this you just need a measuring tape and something to record the numbers. For detailed instructions please see the hints below (please click on the plus sign to see details):

Measuring your shoulder width without help from another person is very difficult. The easiest way is to get support from a friend while you stay in front of her / him. Your friend should wrap the measuring tape around the shoulder on the highest possible point. The tape should almost slide over the top of your shoulders! This should be the widest part of your shoulders. Do no measure straight across the shoulders, instead encircle them with the tape measure. Please note down the circumference and put it into the corresponding body shape calculator field above.
For this you either need a friend again or you determine the slimmest part of your lower body in a mirror. wrap the measuring tape around this part while breathing and standing naturally.

Please make sure to not wrap the measuring tape too tight. It should not sink into your skin as this could lead to inaccurate results.

As with the other two measurments either rely on another person or look into a mirror. The hip should be measured at the widest point of your hip bones and buttocks. Wrap the tape around you in a straight line and take note of the width.

As with the waist please make sure that the measuring band just lies flat on the skin without applying any force.

Congratulations you are ready to return to the body shape calculator above!

What do I do with the body shape calculator results?

First of all remember that there is no “right” body type. Every body type has beautiful features that can be further accentuated with the right clothing style.

Now that you have calculated your body shape it will make shopping easier in the future. Some types of clothes are simply not ideal for a certain body type so you should try to avoid them.

To support you we have prepared an overview for each body type. Depending on your result in the body shape calculator please click on one of the guides below:

For a more theoretical background on the female body shape you can refer to the linked article. For a less theoretical approach you can also check out the guide on calculating your body shape by Oprah Winfrey

Please let us know if we can do anything more to help you find our your body shape! We are happy to discuss any questions you have on the body shape calculator. Just leave a comment in the section below!